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Prophecy & Poems Corner

I wonder how far you would go

If you knew

The people who are watching you?

At times they seem as though they're friends

And help you through the task

Other ones are just keeping score

Depends on who you ask.


GOD's in charge and in the end

When all is said and done

HE's the test we have to pass

When we finally meet his SON.

Debi 4/12/01

America, how you have fallen

You were founded on the word of God.

But now we say to each his own.

We had the word of God in school.

But the occult is now the rule.

We used to love and even pray.

Now we lust and meditate.

The Bible was our golden rule

but now Harry Potter rules the schools.

Marriage was a sacred pledge.

Now perversion rules the nest.

The voice of every child is a blessing, that is true.

For money and a little time they will kill them all for you.

The storms will be increasing, the weather it will rage,

for the wrath of God is at the starting stage.

It will not be long now, till our freedoms fade.

For we’ve pushed the Lord God out, soon demons will invade.

The drafts they are coming they will not spare a child.

The attacks will keep coming, they are designed just for you.

To take away your freedom,

the UN will know just what to do.

They will try to mark you, with a tiny chip.

But just remember if they do, you’ve sold your soul to you know who.

For the mark we know is true, it’s satan’s great design for you.

You once were a “nation under God”.

But now to Him you never pray.

You love the darkness and hate the light.

You love the wrong and hate the right.

You love to feast and hate to fast.

You love to play, no time to pray.

God has shown us the way, and that’s through His Son.

We must stop our sinning or judgment will come.

To say that you know Him, His commandments you must keep

or else forever in Hell burning you will weep.

We have turned from the light and embraced the night.

Weep and wail for our land we have lost.

We have paid the price

without counting the cost.

We have sown to the flesh,

so destruction we will reap.

Pray to God,

so perhaps our freedoms we may keep.

By David Rose 2008

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Find out how rock's most popular artists have sold their souls to the devil.

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Is there hard scientific evidence for the existence of the biblical God who created the earth in 6 literal, 24 hour days? Scientists scoffingly and emphatically say, NO!, but in 1969, Dr. Robert Gentry, not long before an ardent evolutionist, discovered just such "fingerprints of creation," publishing his findings in several major peer reviewed science journals. This infomercial shows excerpts from two of his recent videos on the topic.

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