Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Music Ministry

Sheila Rose is the head of the Praise and Worship Team.  

She is a very anointed singer and has a way of drawing us all into God's Holy presence. Sheila operates in the office of an evangelist and moves very strong in the spirit of discerning of spirits and words of knowledge. The Praise and Worship Team is open to individuals who have musical talent and are born again.

Sheila with Husband David.

About the Pastor

David Rose has been a Christian for over 19 years after being delivered from Drugs and the Occult. The same year he was delivered, he was also filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. David received his Associate's Degree from Grace Bible College in 1995 and his Bachelor's Degree from Kings College in 2010. God has given him a vision to raise up an Army for the Lord. The congregation is not called to be pew setters or to participate in man-made programs, but we are all called as saints to become equipped through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God and to learn how to set the captives free and to be used of God to fulfill the Great Commission.

David operates in the office of Prophet, Evangelist and pastor.
His passion is in the study of revival and end time prophecy. God has told David to follow Jesus and the forefathers of faith, Smith Wigglesworth, John G. Lake, A. A. Allen, F. F. Bosworth, Charles Finney, John Wesley and others that moved in the power of God.
In order for God to bring a revival, we must do what they did, we must believe the word
like they did and we must act on the word like they did. True faith requires action.

David is happily married to Sheila who is the head of the
worship team. They have been married now for over 18 years
and are still just as in love with each other as the day they met.

Paul teaches our 10:00 Bible study. Some topics covered are: Angels, Healing, Holiness, The Trinity and more.