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Icelandic volcano 'set to erupt'

Scientists in Iceland are warning that another volcano looks set to erupt and threatening to spew-out a pall of dust that would dwarf last year's event.

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After you have received power

Published in the Pentecostal Evangel, March 1, 1941.

Smith Wigglesworth

In Acts 1.8 we read: “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you.”

Oh, the power of the Holy Ghost! the power that quickens, that reveals, and prevails! I love to think that Jesus wanted all His people to have power, that He wanted all men to be overcomers. Nothing but this power will do it. Power over sin, power over sickness, power over the devil, power over all the powers of the devil!

In order to understand what it means to have power there are two things necessary; one is to have ears to hear and the other is to have hearts to receive. Every born-again saint of God, filled with the Spirit has a real revelation of that truth, “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” I say this with as much audacity as I please. I know evil spirits are in abundance and in multitudes; Jesus cast them out as legion. The believer because of the Spirit that is in him has the power to cast out the evil spirit. It must be so; God wants us to have this power in us; we must be able to destroy Satan’s power wherever we go.

One day as I came into the house my wife said, “Which way did you come?” I answered that I had come in by the back way. “Oh,” she said, “if you had come in by the front you would have seen a man there in a terrible state. There is a crowd of people around him and he is in terrible straits.” Then the door bell rang and she said, “There he is again. What shall we do?” I said, “Just be still.” I rushed to the door and just as I was opening it the Spirit said, “This is what I baptized you for.” I was very careful then in opening the door, and then I heard the man crying outside, “Oh I have committed the unpardonable sin, I am lost, I am lost.” I asked him to come in and when he got inside he said again in awful distress, “I am lost, I am lost.” Then the Spirit came upon me and I commanded the lying spirit to come out of the man in the name of Jesus. Suddenly he lifted up his arms and said, “I never did it.” The moment the lying spirit was out he was able to speak the truth. I then realized the power in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. It was the Spirit that said, “This is what I baptized you for,” and I believe we ought to be in the place where we shall always be able to understand the mind of the Spirit amid all the other voices in the world.

After the Holy Ghost has come upon you, you have power. I believe a great mistake is made in these days by people tarrying and tarrying after they have received. After you have received it is, “Go ye.” Not “sit still,” but “go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel.”We shall make serious havoc of the whole thing if we turn back again and crawl into a corner seeking something we already have. I want you to see that God depends on us in these last days. There is no room for anyone to boast and the man who goes about saying, “Look at me for I am somebody,” is of no value whatever. God is done with that man altogether, He will have a people to glorify Him. He is doing what He can with what He has, but we are so unwilling to move in the plan of God that He has to grind us many times to get us where He can use us.

Jesus was so filled with the Holy Ghost that He stood in the place where He was always ready. He was always in the attitude where He brought victory out of every opportunity. The power of the Holy Spirit is within us but it can be manifested only as we go in obedience to the opportunity before us. I believe if you wait until you think you have power after you have received the Holy Ghost you will never know you have it. Don’t you know that the child of God who has the Baptism is inhabited by the Spirit? You will remember one time when they tried to throw Jesus from the brow of the hill, that He pressed through the midst of them and as soon as He got through He healed the man with the blind eyes. Pressing through the crowd which was trying to kill Him, He showed forth His power. Some people might think that Jesus should have run away altogether but He stopped to heal. This thought has comforted me over and over again.

One day as I was waiting for a car I stepped into a shoemaker’s shop. I had not been there long when I saw a man with a green shade over his eyes, crying pitifully and in great agony. It was heart-rending and the shoemaker told me that the inflammation was burning out his eyes. I jumped up and went to the man and said, “You devil, come out of this man in the name of Jesus.” Instantly the man said, “It is all gone, I can see now.” That is the only Scriptural way, to begin to work at once, and preach afterwards. You will find as the days go by that the miracles and healings will be manifested. Because the Master was touched with the feeling of the infirmities of the multitudes they instantly gathered around Him to hear what He had to say concerning the Word of God. However, I would rather see one man saved than ten thousand people healed. If you ask me why, I call to your attention the Word which says, “There was a rich man and he fared sumptuously every day.” Now we don’t hear of this man having any diseases but it says, In hell he lifted up his eyes.” We also read that there was a poor man, full of sores and “he lifted up his eyes in heaven,” so we see that a man can die practically in good health but be lost, and a man can die in disease and be saved; so it is more important to be saved than anything else.

But Jesus was sent to bear the infirmities and the afflictions of the people and todestroy the works of the devil. He said that the thief (which is the devil) cometh to steal and to kill and to destroy, “but I am come that ye might have life and have it more abundantly.” I maintain that God wishes all His people to have the life more abundant. We have the remedy for all sickness in the Word of God! Jesus paid the full price and the full redemption for every need and where sin abounds, grace can come in and much more abound, and dispel all the sickness.

When I was traveling from England to Australia I witnessed for Jesus, and it was not long before I had plenty of room to myself. If you want a whole seat to yourself just begin to preach Jesus. However, some people listened and began to be much affected. One of the young men said to me, “I have never heard these truths before. You have so moved me that I must have a good conversation with you.” The young man told me that his wife was a great believer in Christian Science but was very sick now and although she had tried everything she had been unable to get relief, so was having a doctor. But the doctor gave her no hope whatever and in her dilemma and facing the realities of death she asked that she might have an appointment with me.

When I got to her I felt it would be unwise to say anything about Christian Science so I said, “You are in bad shape.” She said, “Yes, they give me no hope.” I said, “I will not speak to you about anything but will just lay my hands upon you in the Name of Jesus and when I do you will be healed.” That woke her up and she began to think seriously. For three days she was lamenting over the things she might have to give up. “Will I have to give up the cigarettes?” “No,” I said. “Will I have to give up the dance?” and again I replied “No.” “Well, we have a little drinking sometimes and then we play cards also. Will I have to give—?” “No,” I said, “you will not have to give up anything. Only let us see Jesus.” And right then she got such a vision of her crucified Saviour and Jesus was made so real to her that she at once told her friends that she could not play cards any more, could not drink or dance any more, and she said she would have to go back to England to preach against this awful thing, Christian Science. Oh, what a revelation Jesus gave her! Now if I had refused to go when called for, saying that I first had to go to my cabin and pray about it, the Lord might have let that opportunity slip by. After you have received the Holy Ghost you have power; you don’t have to wait.

The other day we were going through a very thickly populated part of San Francisco when we noticed a large crowd gathered. I saw it from the window of the car and said I had to get out, which I did. There in the midst was a boy in the agonies of death. As I threw my arms around the boy I asked what the trouble was and he answered that he had cramps. In the name of Jesus I commanded the devils to come out of him and at once he jumped up and not even taking time to thank me, ran off perfectly healed. We are God’s own children, quickened by His Spirit and He has given us power over all the powers of darkness; Christ in us the open evidence of eternal glory, Christ in us the Life, the Truth, and the Way.

We have a wonderful salvation that fits everybody. I believe that a baptized person has no conception of the power God has given him until he uses what he has. I maintain that Peter and John had no idea of the greatness of the power they had but they began to speculate. They said, “Well, as far as money goes, we have none of that, but we do have something; we don’t exactly know what it is, but we shall try it on you, In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, rise up and walk,” and it worked. In order to make yourself realize what you have in your possession you will have to try it and I can assure you it will work all right.

I said one time to a man that the Acts of the Apostles would never have been written if the Apostles had not acted, and the Holy Spirit is still continuing His acts through us. May God help us to have some acts.

There is nothing like Pentecost, and if you have never been baptized you are making a big mistake by waiting. Don’t you know that the only purpose for which God saved you was that you might be a saviour of others? and for you to think that you have to remain stationary and just get to heaven is a great mistake. The Baptism is to make you a witness for Jesus. The hardest way is the best way; you never hear anything about the person who is always having an easy time. The preachers always tell of how Moses crossed the Red Sea when he was at wits’ end. I cannot find the record of anyone in the Scriptures whom God used who was not first tried. So if you never have any trials it is because you are not worth them.

God wants us to have power. When I was traveling in Sweden at a certain station early in the morning a little lady and her daughter got into the train. I saw at once that the lady was in dreadful agony and asked my interpreter to inquire as to the trouble. With tears running down her face she told how her daughter was taking her to the hospital to have her leg amputated. Everything that was possible had been done for her. I told her Jesus could heal. Just then the train stopped and a crowd of people entered until there was hardly standing room, but friends, we never get into a place that is too awkward for God, though it seemed to me that the devil had sent these people in at that time to hinder. However, when the train began to move along I got down, although it was terribly crowded, and putting my hands upon the woman’s leg I prayed for her in the name of Jesus. At once she said to her daughter, “I am healed. It is all different now; I felt the power go down my leg,” and she began to walk about. Then the train stopped at the next station and this woman got out and walked up and down the platform, saying, “I am healed. I am healed.”

Jesus was the first fruits and God has chosen us in Christ and has revealed His Son in us that we might manifest Him in power. God gives us power over the devil and when we say the devil we mean everything that is not of God. Some people say we can afford to do without the Baptism with the Spirit but I say we cannot. I believe any person who thinks there is a stop between Calvary and the glory has made a big mistake.

Dare to believe, then command.

Published in the Pentecostal Evangel, March 30, 1940.

“Verily, verily, I say unto you; He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also: and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto My Father. And whatsoever ye shall ask in My name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask any thing in My name, I will do it.” John 14:12-14.

Jesus is speaking here, and the Spirit of God can take these words of His and make them real to us. “He that believeth on Me… greater works than these shall he do.” What a word! Is it true? If you want the truth, where will you get it? “Thy word is truth,” Christ said to the Father. When you take up God’s Word you get the truth. God is not the author of confusion or error, but He sends forth His light and truth to lead us into His holy habitation, where we receive a revelation of the truth like unto the noon day in all its clearness.

The Word of God works effectually in us as we believe it. It changes us and brings us into new fellowship with the Father, with the Son, and with the Holy Spirit, into a holy communion, into an unwavering faith, into a mighty assurance, and it will make us partakers of the very nature and likeness of God as we receive His great and exceeding precious promises and believe them. Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. Faith is the operative power.

We read that Christ opened the understanding of His disciples, and He will open up our understanding and our hearts and will show us wonderful things that we should never know but for the mighty revelation and enlightenment of the Spirit that He gives to us.

I do not know of any greater words than those found in Romans 4:16, “Therefore it is of faith, that it might be by grace.” Grace is God’s benediction coming right down to you, and when you open the door to Him—that is an act of faith—He does all you want and will fulfill all your desires. “It is of faith, that it might be by grace.” You open the way for God to work as you believe His Word, and God will come in and supply your every need all along the way.

Our Lord Jesus said to His disciples and He says to us in this passage in the 14th of John, “You have seen Me work and you know how I work. You shall do the very same things that I am doing, and greater things shall you do, because I am going to the Father, and as you make petition in My name I will work. I will do what you ask, and by this the Father shall be glorified.”

Did any one ever work as He did? I do not mean His carpentering. I refer to His work in the hearts of the people. He drew them to Him. They came with their needs, with their sicknesses, with their oppression, and He relieved them all. This royal Visitor, who came from the Father to express His love, talked to men, spent time with them in their homes, found out their every need. He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed of the devil, and He said to them and He says to us, “You see what I have been doing, healing the sick, relieving the oppressed, casting out demons. The works that I do shall ye do also.” Dare you believe? Will you take up the work that He left and carry it on?

“He that believeth on Me!” What is this? What does it mean? How can just believing bring these things to pass? What virtue is there in it? There is virtue in these words because He declares them. If we will receive this word and declare it, the greater works shall be accomplished. This is a positive declaration of His, “He that believeth on Me, greater works than these shall he do,” but unbelief has hindered our progress in the realm of the spiritual.

Put away unbelief. Open your heart to God’s grace. Then God will come in and place in you a definite faith. He wants to remove every obstruction that is in the world before you. By His grace He will enable you to be so established in His truth, so strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, that whatever comes across your path to obstruct you, you can arise in divine power and rebuke and destroy it.

It is a matter of definite and clear understanding between us and God. To recognize that Christ has a life force to put into us, changes everything that we dare to believe it will change. He that believes that Jesus is the Christ overcomes the world. Because we believe that Jesus is the Christ, the essence of divine life is in us by faith and causes a perfect separation between us and the world. We have no room for sin. It is a joyful thing for us to be doing that which is right. He will cause that abundance of grace to so flow into our hearts that sin shall not have dominion over us. Sin shall not have dominion; nor sickness, nor affliction. “He that believeth”—he that dares to believe—he that dares to trust—will see victory over every oppression of the enemy.

A needy creature came to me in a meeting, all withered and wasted. He had no hope. There was absolute death in his eyes. He was so helpless he had to have some one on each side to bear him up. He came to me and said in a whisper, “Can you help me?” Will Jesus answer? “He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these…. Behold, I give you power… over all the power of the enemy.” These are the words of our Lord Jesus. It is not our word but the word of the Lord, and as this word is in us He can make it like a burning passion in us. We make the Word of God as we believe it our own. We receive the Word and we have the very life of Christ in us. We become supernatural by the power of God. We find this power working through every part of our being.

Now Christ gives us something besides faith. He gives us something to make faith effectual. Whatsoever you desire, if you believe in your heart you shall have. Christ said,“Have faith in God. For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” Mark 11:22-24. Whatsoever he saith! Dare to say in faith and it shall be done. These things have been promised by Christ and He does not lie.

This afflicted man stood before me helpless and withered. He had had cancer in his stomach. The physicians had operated upon him to take away the cancer from the stomach, but complications had arisen with the result that no food could enter the man’s stomach. He could not swallow anything. So in order to keep him alive they made a hole in his stomach and put in a tube about nine inches long with a cup at the top, and he was fed with liquid through this tube. For three months he had been just kept alive but was like a skeleton.

What was I to say to him? “If thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God.”

Here was the word of Christ, “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto My Father.” The Word of God is truth. Christ is with the Father and grants us our requests, and makes these things manifest, if we believe. What should I do in the presence of a case like this? “Believe the Word.” So I believed the Word which says, “He shall have whatsoever he saith.” Mark 11:23. I said, “Go home, and have a good supper.” He said, “I cannot swallow.” “Go home, and have a good supper,” I repeated. “On the authority of the Word of God I say it. Christ says that he that believes that these things which he says shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he says. So I say, Go home in the name of Jesus, and have a good supper.”

He went home. Supper was prepared. Many times he had had food in his mouth but had always been forced to spit it out again. But I dared to believe that he would be able to swallow that night. So that man filled his mouth full as he had done before, and because some one dared to believe God’s Word and said to him, “You shall have a good supper in the name of Jesus,” when he chewed his food it went down in the normal way into his stomach, and he ate until he was quite satisfied.

He and his family went to bed filled with joy. The next morning when they arose they were filled with the same joy. Life had begun again. Naturally he looked down to see the hole that had been made in his stomach by the physicians. But God knew that he did not want two holes, and so when God opened the normal passage He closed the other hole in his stomach. This is the kind of God we have all ihe time, a God who knows, a God who acts, and brings things to pass when we believe. Dare to believe, and then dare to speak, and you shall have whatsoever you say if you doubt not.

A woman came to me one night and inquired, “Can I hear again? Is it possible for me to hear again? I have had several operations and the drums of my ears have been taken away.” I said, “If God has not forgotten how to make drums for ears you can hear again.” Do you think God has forgotten? What does God forget? He forgets our sins, when we are forgiven, but He has not forgotten how to make drums for ears.

Not long ago the power of God was very much upon a meeting that I was holding. I was telling the people that they could be healed without my going to them. If they would rise up I would pray and the Lord would heal. There was a man who put up his hand. I said, “Cannot that man rise?” The folks near him said he could not, and lifted him hp. The Lord healed him, the ribs that were broken were knit together again and were healed.

There was such faith in the place that a little girl cried out, “Please, gentleman, come to me.” You could not see her, she was so small. The mother said, “My little girl wants you to come.” So I went down there to this child, who although fourteen years of age was very small. She said with tears streaming down her face, “Will you pray for me?” I said, “Dare you believe?” She said, “O yes.” I prayed and placed my hands on her head in the name of Jesus.

“Mother,” she said, “I am being healed. Take these things off—take them all off.” The mother loosed straps and bands and then the child said, “Mother, I am sure I am healed. Take these off.” She had straps on her legs and an iron on her foot about 3½ inches deep:, She asked her mother to unstrap her. Her mother took off the straps. There were not many people with dry eyes as they saw that girl walk about with legs just as normal as when she was born. God healed her right away. What did it? She had cried, “Please, gentleman, come to me,” and her longing was coupled with faith. May the Lord help us to be just like a simple child.

God has hidden these things from the wise and prudent, but He reveals them to babes. There is something in childlike faith in God that makes us dare to believe, and then to act. Whatever there is in your life that is bound, the name of Jesus and the power of that name will break it if you will only believe. Christ says, “If ye shall ask any thing in My name, I will do it.” God will be glorified in Christ when you receive the overflowing life that comes from Christ in response to your faith.

Dare to believe. Do you think that truth is put into the Word to mock you? Don’t you see that God really means that you should live in the world to relieve the oppression of the world? God answers us that we shall be quickened, be molded afresh, that the Word of God shall change everything that needs to be changed, both in us and in others, as we dare to believe and as we command things to be done. “Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he saith.”

Maria B Woodworth-Etter On Spiritual Counterfeits

A sermon by Maria B Woodworth-Etter extracted from the book, The Life and Work of Mrs M.B. Woodworth-Etter -

“Beloved “try the spirits.” There are many spirits we do not want to have anything to do with. There is our own spirit; the flesh and the devil. There are many spirits contending, and many times we let our own spirit rule and make ourselves think it is God; the same, with the flesh and the devil.

Sometimes we know it is not God, but we want to have our own way. If we have the Holy Ghost we can prove the spirits, because everything the Holy Ghost does is confirmed by the Word. We do not want to trust to tongues and interpretations. You must measure things by the word. We must measure tongues and demonstrations by the Word, and if they do not agree with the Word, we must not accept them; everything must be measured by the Word.

We do know God and the voice of God, but the devil can come as an angel of light. When you are in the Holy Ghost, that is the time the devil tries to get in and lead you astray. The Holy Ghost is revealing some secret things; at the same time the devil comes in, and if you are not careful, you will listen to what he has to say and follow him.

Once I was having a wonderful vision, and right in the midst of it, the devil said to me, “You are going to die.” I was very poorly and was worked nearly to death and I listened to the devil for a minute; then I stopped to hear what God wanted to teach me.

I said, “What is this God is showing me? Does this agree with what God is showing?” I saw there was a big difference. God touched my forehead, the seat of intellect and reason: my mouth, signifying courage and power to give forth the message, and I could not die if I was to do this; if I was to give the people His message, I was not going to die.

There was someone in the meeting here God was blessing. He wanted to use her, butthe devil came in and made her think she could do any outrageous thing and it would be of God.

See how the devil can lead us off. She was talking in tongues and praying, and she said, “Lord, if you want me to kill anyone, I will do it; if you want me to set the camp on fire, I will do it.”

That is the way in spiritualism; the Holy Ghost never does anything like that; He does not come to kill and knock people’s heads off; He deals with them in love and tenderness. People have even offered up children in sacrifice. If you listen to God, the devil will be put to one side.

These things hurt the Pentecostal movement; God is in it, but the devil is in it, too. Many people are honest, but they do not understand. God shows great things that are going to happen and the devil comes in and makes them set a date.

Daniel did not understand the vision he had, for some time; an angel appeared to him to make him understand the vision. Be careful the devil does not come in, and give you another meaning all together different from what God wants you to have.

So many prophesy this or that, and it never comes true; the prophecy was not according to the word of God. Some one gives a person a message and he believes God sent it, when it is not according to the Word.

When God calls you out for His work, He will take care of you, give you something to eat and clothe you; there are so many who run before they are sent; better not go at all. Sometimes the devil uses tongues to upset things generally; the devil can speak in tongues, and your flesh can.

When God speaks in tongues, it means something, and you want to look for interpretation. God says ask for interpretation. Sometimes God gives it through someone else, but give the person who speaks in tongues a chance to interpret. Be careful you do not give an interpretation in your own spirit; this hurts the work everywhere. Let us try the spirits and not get in the flesh.

Some people if they do not like anyone, will give a message in tongues, or a rebuke and nearly knock the person’s head off. This is the work of the devil. Then someone will get up – some people are so silly – and say, “Don’t lay hands on that; it is the Holy Ghost”; and no one dares to touch it, and the devil has the whole thing.

It goes out that the leader sanctions all that, and people do not want to have anything to do with it. The leader may have discernment but some one will pull his coat-tail and say, “Don’t lay hands on that.” Instead of being so afraid, let us search the scriptures. God never told anyone to rebuke in an ugly tone.

There was a great work being done in the West. One woman, especially, said the United States was going to be destroyed, and they should go to Japan. They went. People who could not spare the money helped them; they went to escape the wreck.

The whole thing was of the devil. The United States were not destroyed; they could not speak the Japanese language; they were stranded and a number backslid; they tried to raise money for a great building, but never accomplished it. They had been doing a good work here, but other spirits got in.

God gave me a special commission to take the precious from the vile; and I do not want you to get into the snare of the devil. So many young people, after their baptism, give up work and go to preaching. In a few days they tell all they know, then tell something they don’t know; bread and butter does not come in, and many of them backslide.

Don’t take up with every vision that comes along. In the Pentecostal movement in some places, they have discarded the Word of God. They ‘don’t want a leader’, and God always had a leader; when there is none, the devil takes the chair. God hath set some pastors and teachers. (Eph. iv.)

How does any one know when God calls them to the ministry? Some one has said that when God calls anyone to do His work, you can hardly get him into the pulpit; but when the devil calls him, you can’t keep him out of it.

Hold up Jesus and try to get the people so full of the Holy Ghost that they will live in unity **We do not want to lay hands on anyone suddenly** If we do anything in a spirit of contention the first thing we know everything is in a jumble and we have done more harm in one meeting than can be imagined Hold up Jesus and the Resurrection Let us walk in the light as He is in the light Christ is the great Headlight and I am on the stretch for more light than I ever saw in my life, you have fellowship when you walk in the light. We are the lower lights and He will show us what to do next.

Be careful not to lay hands suddenly on anyone. Regarding the recent disturbance here,[presumably some kind of opposition from a group of "boys"] we profess to be saints and we want to show forth the Spirit of Christ. We must be firm, but kind. Do not speak roughly. The crowd want to see. I would have nearly broken my neck when I was young to see what you are seeing.

When they became noisy, it would have been useless to attempt to use force; it would only have ended in a fight, and the plan of the enemy would have been accomplished. God led me in the only way by which the disturbance could be quelled, and order restored; God fought for us. Do not speak roughly to the boys; each one is some mother’s boy God can smite with conviction; the battle is His, not ours.

“Try the spirits.” In one of our meetings there was a colored woman who had wonderful experience spiritually; that is the kind the devil gets after. One day she commenced to go about on her knees, twisting about like a serpent. GOD does not tell anyone to do that. She spoke in tongues; then she said, “I don’t want to do it ; I don’t want to do it.”

Every one knew it was not of God; and I said to her, “that is not God; the enemy has got hold of you.” At first, she didn’t want to give up, but the next day God showed her and she asked to be delivered. The devil had got in and made her do things that were not right, to kill her influence.

A woman came to me and said. “I am afraid this spirit on me is not of God; I was baptized in the Holy Ghost; I went into a mission where they did everything by tongues and they got me so mixed up, I did not know where I was; then, this spirit got hold of me; it shakes my head and makes my head ache.”

THAT IS SPIRITUALISM. Some people, when they pray for anyone and lay on hands, throw the slime off. That is spiritualism. Don’t ever do anything like that. When you lay hands on a person, God takes care of the evil spirit. If you are filled with the Holy Ghost, the devil is outside you; keep him out. BE CAREFUL WHO LAYS HANDS ON YOU, FOR THE DEVIL IS COUNTERFEITING GOD’S WORK. For two years, that woman could not give a testimony. God rebuked the shaking spirit, the power of God came in her hands and in her voice, and she gave a testimony for God.

That is what ails the Pentecostal movement; so much of this has crept in. Some people take every foolish thing for the Holy Ghost. There are two extremes; one keeps the Holy Ghost from working, except in a certain channel: and the other thinks everything is of the Holy Ghost; “don’t lay hands on it.”One is as bad as the other. Let everything be done by the word of God.

We are living in the last days and there has got to be a higher standard for the Pentecostal movement. Christ is coming, and we cannot move along in the old rut. God is sifting us today and we have got to rise above errors; we have to rise tip and go forward. By the grace of God we will. Praise His Name!”